Jesse Pfliger Family

Jesse Pfliger for Minnesota

My name is Jesse Pfliger and I want to represent you for Minnesota’s House 45A. As a husband, a father, your neighbor and a businessman, I believe I have the perspective as a proud citizen to represent you and your concerns. My family and I have the same desires and concerns as all Minnesotans. We love our community, our teachers, our first responders, the great parks and outdoors Minnesota has to offer. We also worry about the future. We worry about our children and their education, can we do better ? We worry about jobs, rising property taxes, we struggle with the rising costs of healthcare and higher education. We worry about the future of our parks and outdoors for future generations. We worry about our neighbors and friends who may be struggling through no fault of their own. 

And we wonder if our leaders always have our best interests in mind, the hardworking Minnesotan. We wonder if the less fortunate get used by a system of corruption instead of empowered. We wonder if our leaders care more about big business and big tech than they do about small business owners and workers. 

Minnesota is a great place to work and live! Let’s continue to make it better, it’s time to send one of us to St. Paul to represent everyone’s interests. 


  • Pro Law & Order
  • Pro Small Business
  • Improving Schools
  • Lowering Healthcare Costs
  • Preserving Our Environment
  • For Opening Up our State

I want to know what issues matter to you. And I hope I can earn your vote in November.